Sunday, May 15, 2011

birthday part 1

my birthday is actually tomorrow, but i like to pretend it was today too.
i went to jacob's house.

he got me this water bottle <3 so i don't have to constantly refill this old plastic water bottle.

we went on a long bike ride downtown, looked at expensive sunglasses and antiques, tried and failed to go swimming, ate subway and coldstone. then went home and played scrabble. 
i seriously picked these letters out. *immaturity*
he has a cute baby tv
"put that away"
i sneaked a good one :)

then i went home and took some selfs. i probably won't on my actual birthday (tomorrow) but i wanted to compare this year and last year.
cherry blossoms + dandelions = beauty

here's when i turned fifteen.
i like to think i look sorta older. i feel older.

tomorrow i'm going out to olive garden with jacob and my parents.
so probs some more photos tomorrow! 

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