Saturday, October 22, 2011

fall time pumpkins and a kid named jacob.

my "serious face"

tanky <3 my love.

in da' hood(s)

katie and i bought little pumpkins

molly, the cutest baby in all the land


most adorable boy in the entire planet:

life is pretty damn good. peace

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

middle of the woods

a roll of film that starts off with some photos from friday with autumn, katie, sophie, and jacqueline. then i went to our family friends' cabin and that makes up the rest!

this first photo is so jacked because i had taken a few photos, then it made a noise like the film had ripped, so i decided to rewind it and see if that helped, resulting in a lot of photos on one frame. i don't even know what's in this photo it's so strange. haha

cassidy in sociology class

autumn and jacqueline, stuntin'

dad's head. haha

drank 7 of these in 2 days.. mmmmm so good

andrea, chillaxin'

freckles <3 sad it's blurry


RICE-A-RONI. bbyletmeluvudown

me, taken by my mother :)

mother, taken by me

yay. fall is good good good.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

fall has arrived

film photos from the month of september and the beginning of october.

breakfast date with jacob <3

adventure onto my roof with jacob

erin in advisory

my cousin, tyler

failed attempt at double exposures :(