Sunday, May 15, 2011

birthday part 1

my birthday is actually tomorrow, but i like to pretend it was today too.
i went to jacob's house.

he got me this water bottle <3 so i don't have to constantly refill this old plastic water bottle.

we went on a long bike ride downtown, looked at expensive sunglasses and antiques, tried and failed to go swimming, ate subway and coldstone. then went home and played scrabble. 
i seriously picked these letters out. *immaturity*
he has a cute baby tv
"put that away"
i sneaked a good one :)

then i went home and took some selfs. i probably won't on my actual birthday (tomorrow) but i wanted to compare this year and last year.
cherry blossoms + dandelions = beauty

here's when i turned fifteen.
i like to think i look sorta older. i feel older.

tomorrow i'm going out to olive garden with jacob and my parents.
so probs some more photos tomorrow! 

Sunday, May 8, 2011

may film

shot over a period of a week and one day with a canon AE-1 and kodak 800 film


 on this friday i went to my mom's work after school due to my lack of friends

mocha frozen yogurt float and tomato florentine soup

fisheye mirror thing at my mom's work

dried cherries samples, yum

saw autumn and teagan downtown (teagan took this)

teagan also took this

sat on the river bank by myself- super loner like yeah 

jacob's sister, molly <3 awwww

katie's house always has cameras laying everywhere, i love it


aw, katie :)

 brooke and i went to our old elementary school carnival, won some cake

played on the playground

then saturday, i went to jacob's and we had the best day ever
i was fascinated with this cup's reflection thing 

these came out so dark :(

faaaaail kissing photo. hahaha

me and my ginormous flower.

the last photo.. so seductive

barefoot is best

 book i'm reading... don't make fun

i kinda sorta like this roll..

Friday, May 6, 2011

brooke and an elementary school playground

today brooke and i both happened to ride the bus, and randomly decided to hang out and go to our old elementary school for their pathetic carnival. we basically played games for 3 minutes, got free cake, took photos on the playground, ate food, and talked. t'was so grand. :)

creeping on children...

so sexy. hahah

nom nom thin mint cupcakes

haha sex hair

ME! i am strange


tomorrow i'm off to jacobs- most likely taking some film

Monday, May 2, 2011


this weekend i went over to katie's house.

it involved trying to take photos with water...


katie's cat, wadney, was chillin' in some leaves

katie made a baby stopmotion of my face being painted

here's some randoms

my fave, katie is so cute :) heh

adios mi amigos