Tuesday, March 22, 2011


i love doing these. sometimes when i wait for jacob to call me back, i do these out of boredom. i find it's easier to transform other's writing than write myself.. to read the words, click the image and zoom in

Monday, March 21, 2011

lucy in the sky with diamonds

got a roll of film developed today! kodak 400 on a pentax k1000
first, these are from my adventure with jacob last sunday. what a day.

jacob drinking his beloved tea
then we set off. he loves this van.
here i am
this is my favorite from the roll:
jacob in the state hospital, most likely listening to
Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds by the Beatles or Apples by Datsik
and then he took one of me
niether of us had any idea what the "w" sign meant.. hahah
but isn't he the cutest?! aaw
he named his hat blue. after the color blue. you wouldn't understand
then we walked to the mall and got icees, as well as various other foods
deoderante. don't ask.
then we went to a terrible movie called battle for las angeles.
 it was a brilliant day.

a few random shots from during the week:
my study spot, i like this one

then on friday i hung out with autumn and katie, and took some film as well as those digital shots from my last post. unfortunetly, i opened the back of the camera on accident when i was rolling it, so the last 3 didn't come out and there's a bunch of weird light leaks on the ones that did. ehhhh

autumn in red ginger. hot.
katie's hand doodle. creds to katie. she told me to say that. :)
special meaning behind this finger
ohohohoh i like this one, from the beach
stupid light leaks >:( this one would've been cool

when i was at walgreens, they had a 4 pack of 800 film on sale for 4$ ! too good of a deal to pass up. hopefully i'll know how to properly expose the next photos! au revoir.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

autumn and katie

on friday, autumn, katie and i took photos at katie's beach by her house. i hadn't taken pictures or hung out with them in what seemed like forever, so it was really nice to get back to both :)

autumn's dream catcher <3

aww katie + autumn
and me..
candid of autumn and i because i can't keep a straight face to save my life

film coming soon