Monday, January 16, 2012

fall to winter film

used lomographic film in my moms dinky point and shoot film cam. just fo' funsies. enjoy.

"kitty" hehe

autumn's dream catcher

me and taylor.. what am i doing.. haha

before tay's bday dinner, all dressed up

i think this was taken in mcdonalds bathroom. rock on. haha

savannah and me.. i look weird once again haha

emma and ellen, skating competition

so many buns

chloe. wheeee!

jacqueline and kalvis, right before xmas break

katie, sophie, sophie. cuties

<3 gurls nightttt

fail. haha

haha this is nice

rock on?

yeah idk about this one haha


dad and cousin

happy new yeeear

black socks

hahaha cute

snow day

blurry >_<


well, hope you had fun looking at weird photos of my life.
i should have an official website up soon, created by jakey!