Sunday, September 4, 2011

here's to summer.

i thought i'd write a long blog post about the summer of 2011. somewhat to summarize my adventures for your viewing pleasure but mostly to nostalgically look back at in the upcoming months of cold northern michigan weather. enjoy.

autumn, katie, sophie, me

on the last day of school, june 9, us four threw away all the shit from out lockers and ventured to the state hospital after school to roam around and take pictures and other fun things. it was cold and rainy and not really too summer feeling, but who cares when you come to terms with lack of responsibility for nearly three whole upcoming months. it was fun.

a few days after that, i went downstate with jacob and his family. we stayed at a hotel in ann arbor, which led to jacob and i walking an hour or two to downtown ann arbor and eating at noodles & company. then i paid 35$ or something ridiculous for a cab to get us back to the hotel room, but it was worth it because it was a really fun adventure. the next day we went to a tigers game and his cousin lincoln's graduation party.

from the 14-19 of june, i went to young life camp, along with katie, autumn, sophie, jacob and many others. it was sort of lame but there were many laughs and weird moments and maybe a little bit of dark purple. hahah. the best part was just sort of being away from parents and being able to hang with my boyfriend and friends everyday, all day basically. oh, and y'all love socks. cheaper by the anus. my leg.... don't ask.

the day after we got back from camp, katie and i started segment two of driver's ed. then we hung out with autumn, danced in the rain, took a lot of photos with glitter and then went to tess' grad party. 

there was that one time that brooke was convinced she could get away with driving everywhere without her liscense. fail.

and when teagan double pierced her ears with hello kitty earrings in my bathroom.

and jacob and i frequently visited his "private beach" downtown.

there was a younglife gathering thing a week after camp, which i endured with jacob, katie, sophie, and remi. it was pretty boring, except for some of the people there. could've been worse. 

jacob got a job at mabels and i worked at the peninsula grill once again

fireworks on the fourth of july.

jacob and i ventured to torch lake once. it was beautiful there, but kind of cold still.

there was this day i hung out with brooke and katie. many photos were taken and a couple interperative dances commenced. that's all i'm going to say.

sophie's beach house and my first time jetskiing, which was incredibly fun and a bit scary. then we stayed up until two in the morning group messaging on our iphones in the dark. mostly about jodie foster. yep.

my cousin, tyler, visited for a few days and got to meet katie. we went to the beach a lot with brooke and took photos at these hay fields by my house.

paige, katie's penpal from england, visited! so i got to meet her. it was really fun, she fit right in! and the accent was wonderful, of course. we all went boating at katie's house, then got dressed up and went downtown. 

savannah and i tried to go to a film fest movie but it got cancelled.

jacob helped me out and we painted my room yellow.

oh, and i guess he's a monkey? and climbs everything? no biggie. 

brooke worked at the general store.

a fun night of attempting not to sleep, bundling 5 bodies under 5 blankets in a hut on an elementary school playground, and eventually sleeping for an hour autumn's car with most of my favorite people.

autumn sort of had a party once. that was an interesting night.

brooke and i went to red ginger.

i bought jacob's canon rebel and sold my nikon d40. katie and i had a photoshoot involving strips of paper and a very pretty background.


jacob and i took photos together one time at my house.

and he did that. hahah

katie and i took photos at the state hospital. climbed onto the roof of an abandoned building n' stuff.

katie, autumn, sophie, and i finished off the summer with a day at sophie's beach house. went jetskiing, lemon juiced our hair, laughed a ton, took photos, etc. autumn and i developed film and spent an hour waiting for it at meijer. we met back up with katie and returned to sophie's house to look at old pictures and laugh our asses off.

jacob and i went on a very successful date. it was a truly great night. the next day we finally made our way to empire, once a dream in february, to experience the vast, beautiful beaches, free of hardly any people. we walked for hours. i couldn't have asked for a better two days. 
now i think i'll include lots more photos without descriptions just to include them in my summer blog post.

well, there you go. it's been a damn good summer.