Wednesday, October 12, 2011

middle of the woods

a roll of film that starts off with some photos from friday with autumn, katie, sophie, and jacqueline. then i went to our family friends' cabin and that makes up the rest!

this first photo is so jacked because i had taken a few photos, then it made a noise like the film had ripped, so i decided to rewind it and see if that helped, resulting in a lot of photos on one frame. i don't even know what's in this photo it's so strange. haha

cassidy in sociology class

autumn and jacqueline, stuntin'

dad's head. haha

drank 7 of these in 2 days.. mmmmm so good

andrea, chillaxin'

freckles <3 sad it's blurry


RICE-A-RONI. bbyletmeluvudown

me, taken by my mother :)

mother, taken by me

yay. fall is good good good.


  1. fall film yay! You're so pretty, Emily.
    I love the smoke picture.