Sunday, April 24, 2011

april film

kodak 800 film on a pentax k1000

the day brooke came over during spring break

and the day i went to katie's house

and then petoskey with my parents
i love this album so much <3

then the pretzel bake weekend at my grandma's

last wednesday we had a snowday. on april 20th. stupid northern michigan.
but it's cool because i went to jacob's :)

then for easter weekend, i made cupcakes and my cousin and uncle came up

i made tyler press the shutter for me

failed double exposure.. someday i'll get it right

happy easter! here's my heart shaped sunglasses. i'm weird, k?

first time shooting 800 film, i just doubled the shutter i would do on 400 and it worked just fine. hooray.

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