Saturday, August 27, 2011

august film

brooke, weirdly focused. darn.

cookies i made with katie :)

i should start taking more vertical photos. me gusta.

 i melted crayons with a candle and dribbled them all over another candle. yay

jacob likes to climb things. like my house. haha

and he took these from up there

fave photo of him ever :) awww

yummy drink

pimpin' sunglasses

jacob bought me an ipod mini <3 i love it

we like to sample all the ramen flavors.
and they're all good

from the day with katie at the state hospital

ooh one of my faves on this roll:

today, jacob bought me this air freshener. it smells like pinesol. aw hail yeah.

cutie :)

one week left of summer for me, ahhhh. hope your's was/is great :)

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